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Well, now that you've met Judge Bulldog, I'll say 'Welcome'. I hope you like to read because there's a lot here. Nope... no flowery words in my salutations. I thought of that, but you'll find it's not who I am.
My name is Vixyy Fox.
Primarily I am an anthropomorphic writer - that is, I use animals with human characteristics as my characters. Before passing judgment, think of the Uncle Remus stories of Joel Chandler Harris (Disney movie Song of the South), and Helen Beatrix Potter's 'Peter Rabbit'. For that matter, consider just about anything Disney, including their latest release 'Zootopia', which made over a billion dollars world wide.
I also write about people and, overall, try to write in as many different styles as I can.
I DO NOT write for children, though an occasional children's story or book does happen. I write for adults. You should keep that in mind as you go forward.
Above you will find a listing of the different pages. Click on one and be taken to that page.
It's all free.
If you like what I offer, and you really want to express this, please feel free to buy me a cup of coffee - preference McDonald's. It actually is very good, and they offer a senior's cup for just 89 cents. Now that's living.
And now a friendly reminder: Everything in this site is copyrighted material. Though I offer it to you for free, it does still belong to me. Rather than sending a story to your friends, why not link them to this site so they can see it first hand?
So... go... enjoy... I am pleased you found me.