This is where I'm supposed to talk about myself. Actually, that just goes totally against the way I was raised, and yet you will be curious as to whom it was that set words to paper and gave you stories to read.

In this instance, I am going to forego all of the previously prepared 'author' things and wing this one.

I suppose I should say that I always loved writing. As far back as my seventh grade literature class I actually got tired of the dissection of stories and the constant question, 'What do you think the author meant?' My young mind struggled with this. I even envisioned a cartoon where a writer, died and gone to heaven, is looking down towards the earth and shouting, 'I wrote it for fun!'

That's me. I write because I derive immense enjoyment from the writing. That people like what I do is a plus. Every performer revels in the applause.

In this archive you will find stories of every description and emotion. Some will leave you teary eyed, while others will have you laughing loud enough that people will look at you funny. Perhaps one of the greatest compliments I ever received was from a fellow who said, 'He should have known better than to read the particular story while eating breakfast because he blew orange juice all over his computer.'

This is just the beginning. More will be posted but for now; we do have to begin somewhere. Check back frequently.

                                                                                      Vixyy Fox

Everyone has a beginning.


Vixyy and I found each other when there was a great need in my life. She is my totem. One day, on line, we found this image and she whispered, 'That's me! That's who I am.'

I asked the artist permission to use the image and she said, 'yes'.

I shall ever be grateful to Dark Natasha for this. Her simple act of kindness brought me to 'The Fur Side' and I have written many stories to her images. She simply is the best.

Click on the icon to visit her site.

Tales of The Fur Side (cover)