'The Dread Pirate Tabor' - full book.

Cover art by: Laura Cragg

Book Illustrations by: Art from the Heart.

'Avast there m'hearties... there be sea faring short stories below.

A Better Rat Trap

The Dread Pirate Tabor began as a story meant to cheer up a friend. The next thing I knew, we were away on the high seas and the adventure was simply incredible.

I don't usually include a review, preferring you make up your own mind, but the words of Morgankhat summed up this story better than I ever could.

I recently finished reading this and couldn’t put it down. I must wholeheartedly agree with the previous review. The author demonstrated not only a compelling story telling style, but a mastery of the arcane terminology of sailing 18-19th century sloops, barques, brigs and various other square/gaff rigged vessels as well as the battle tactics of the period. I learned things about sea battles you never see in history books, particularly how to load/reload, aim, fire, manage the recoil, secure and disable shipboard artillery. The tactical use of the light but devastating carronade was also enlightening. Forget that the two pirate crews involved are exclusively male and female and “prefer” it that way; forget that the nationalities are represented (quite well) by various anthropomorphic species, this story is about betrayal, honor, love, loyalties, intrigue, rivalries, spies and overcoming all of the former to band together for a common cause. The author’s description of the long boat race alone is well worth the price of admission. Oh, and when you’re finished, you’ll know the origins of the phrase “It’s your turn in the barrel.”

The Death of Kelly Rabbit - by Canon

When I needed a song to help me envision a particular scene, my friend Canon put this piece together for me. Having friends is a wonderful thing.